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Oh Leaffy, if you could  be less of a sleepy head :3

This chapter got some character from a contest I did long LONG time ago.

The first appearance is for Ensis and Acsis, I really try to stick to what BeastOfHearts told me about them, she point thay Ensis (the female/the one yelling) is not really that femenine in look, so I trie to make her look more androgynous, having not much boobs, a big back and small hips, but I try to give her my own touch too, I changed the dirty badages for ones with desing on them, also I picture her been more aggresive than her brother, the guy just doesnt know whats going on.

Anyways lets talk about the other character, because this next pages will have lots and lots of them. So lets start with the blurrie ones. The blue-pink female is called Prima a relative young female, she work making coats so this is a good time for her. The male she is speaking with is Bellaine, a great hunter.

Next to them is a black female, that some of you already seen but didnt pay much attention, and is Corvus. She was first seen on page 6 (go an look on the BG) with a bag. I must say that I really love how she end looking in this page, she just look how I picture her on my mind, like a lot the contrast of her dark skin and her ice-blue eyes.

Oh look, more old character plus new ones. Smarag and Virdis are back, and Sma is grumpy as always, Virdis tired of him XD… Next to them is Muri, their mother, I really try something different with her hair, and give her a lot of babies XD And last but not less important is Atile, a shepherd.

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