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Lets talk about the characters

Marine is the albino lacertilia. His ear mark are almost not seen while the of his marks are tattoos or scars. His name come from the military infantry force as I think of him as a strict and disciplined guy. Another reason for his name come from the game Doom 3 where the main character name is never know and just call as the Marine, plus his original color was going to be a grey-blue. His powers are Light,Ice, Metal,and Fire. The blue female is called Aquala, name come from a distortion of the word water on spanish. Wife of Marine, town matriarch and mother of Xi and Hanks, as he looks more like his grandparent. To list her elements they are Water, Ice, Light and Sound.

The last one but not less important is Addac. His name come from one kind of dragon called Addanc that is killed for the hero Peredur from the Welsh Mythology. His powers are Fire, Darkness, Metal, and Acid/Poison.

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