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The Book of Epitemnein: Fire Spirit.

The Book of Epitemnein: Fire Spirit. published on No Comments on The Book of Epitemnein: Fire Spirit.

So here fire spirit basic info.

Salamancia´s name come from the word Salamander, as they are animals strongly asociated woth fire in alchimia, and the reason of salamander for been fire creatures have to do withe a myth that born in medievals time, when people pick up wood from the fores, salamanders hide in them. When people throw the wood into the fire, salamander hurry to scape to flames, so people thought that they born from fire.

Salamancia have the tipical mythical salamnder form, but it can take other forms, like phoenix, dragon or tiger. Usually animals that seem to have bad temper XD.

As other spirit it is genderless, but this spirit have a more strong association with the male gender, the main conection is anger, seen as a symbolism and expression of masculine traits, but this spirit is a bit more neutral than Balcacura (earth spirit) and can turn in a female or neutral from more often, specially when the spirit is asociated with passion.

This spirit is also very colorfull, usually having red, orange, yellow and pink tones with some areas on black and white. Ocasionally it can decorate himself in more blue and purples tones but that really unusuall. Green is probably the only color it would never wear XD…

Salamancia is strongly associated with emotions in general, passion and anger mainly. In the Eorah´s universe, when we feel anger or a crush, it is belive that the warmth we experiment is the soul-flame burning stronger.

Other idea asociated with the fire spirit is the idea of purification, this is a idea that is very present both in alchimia and christian lores (thats why hell is in fire, to clean souls) in here, while similar into the concept of clean, is not used on the same way. Fire spirit clean the world from rot bodies, cooking them so other spirits can recicle mortals bodies.

Hell here doesnt have the same meaning like in the christian concept, hell is more a path that all mortals have to cross in one moment or another, but in a similar way, hell here is dividen in levels, usually changing from fire to freezing ice.

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