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Welcome to the Katbox Pg.1

Welcome to the Katbox Pg.1 published on 2 Comments on Welcome to the Katbox Pg.1

Hello everybody, this is Hiorou, the author of Eorah!

So my comic have been officially accepted as a member of the Katbox community, a place that offer me a lot of new and great opportunities, and I hope it`s also a enjoyable experience for long time readers. The process will take some time for moving the whole comic from my current webpage, but will allow people that aren’t familiar with Eorah to get used to it and give a read at a confortable pace.

If you are wondering I made this page due to an itch for fan-art of character I like, for authors I love and follow from here. So when I was accepted, what a better opportunity to kill two birds with one stone than a comic with multiple cameos? Let´s see if you can find them all, some that aren’t even Katbox members.


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