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Pg. 23 published on No Comments on Pg. 23

New page. now using a lot of contest characters, some with a bigger or smaller roll, plus the use of old character and a whole new one. Shall we name them?

Ok so in this page I use WhereRosesGrowWild contest character Bacarden, the brown one with the big ass smile, and Yasinisn, the white one with pink eyes, Yanisin is just super shy, and I picture him trying to avoid talking as much as he can, on the other side I picture Bacarden as been noisy, a bit greedy and work on comical way, plus this is WHY Leaffy didnt have her coat, I wanted to use as a tiny plot devise to use him. NEVER OWN Bacarden a favor, that will cost you on the future XD

Now there is Grayscales from WolfSong-of-Dragon not much roll formhim in this chapter but sure want to use him.

And last character from the contest on this page is Pollux from Messyah, his eyes were a bit hard to shade but turn out to great.

Now for the old characters I use the lovely Baobab or Bab, she is very friendly and Litus, always with bread close, in this time eating one,

For the new character let me introduce you Siroco, named after an african wind, she, like Baobab, is based on african culture, plus I really liked her hair, a lot different from what I do.

Thats all for the moment.

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