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So thats why he called Xi here! Name a weapons like a swords is really important for them, as they think they have a soul of their own and the name have to represent their nature.nIn this case Somnus mean dream in latin and also sound very similar to the word “somnoliento”, that mean been sleepy in spanish.

Until now I dont know if Somnus must be refered as a She or He, as they also give a gender to their weapons, the tale say the guy is male but the name Somnus is kinda neutral so It can work both ways.

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A sword named after a swordsman who use the power of darkness for good? Nice!

Funny enough darkness as an element isn’t associated with evilness itself, but it does have strong ties with paranoia, fear and secrets.

With trails like that, anyone would think that darkness is evil, But in reality, it has an imported role to keep in the world in balance with the help of power of light. Since those two elements are like two side of the same coin.

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